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This page contains links to some of my favourite websites, mainly relating to TV Programmes, Movies and Geocaching. Hopefully somebody else may actually find some of them interesting as well, otherwise it's just me!

More than just a Buffy episode guide, this site has transcripts, trivia, quotes and references, plus comments and analysis from fans in enormous detail.
Transcripts and Episode Guides covering both Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the spin-off series Angel.
Another Buffy Episode Guide - one I have quite a soft spot for, since it's mine :-)
The definitive Dr. Who website - anything you want to know is almost certainly here.
The best Stargate site I've come across, covering both SG1 and Atlantis. This has episode guides and commentary, plus the fantastic "Omnipedia" which has every conceivable fact about the two shows in an encyclopaedia-style interface - if you want to know which planet the Nox live on, or what ZPM stands for, this is where you'll get your answer.
Not sure about the name of this site, but the contents are good - episode guide, transcripts and cast bios from the much-missed Firefly - another Joss Whedon masterpiece.
A wikipedia-style reference site for Firefly.
The Internet Movie DataBase - best reference source for film and TV. Contains write-ups, cast lists, trivia, quotes and other information on pretty much every movie or TV programme there is
Movie news, reviews and interviews
The official Global GPS Cache Hunt site
Additional geocaching resource for UK-based cachers
Andy Murray's official website - if you want to find out any information about the player, up-coming tournaments etc, this is the place to go. He also has his own blog on here, and even responds to forum posts in person, from time to time.
Fun little online or Excel-based quizzes to while away a quiet hour or two - should be something for everyone here.