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In Association with Amazon.co.uk

These are a few of my favourite online shopping sites. Ever since I bought my first book from Amazon a few years ago, I've been a big fan of online shopping. It's sooo much easier than trawling round town with several heavy carrier bags cutting off the circulation to your fingers!

In Association with Amazon.co.uk
Top of the list, without any doubt, has to be Amazon. I've lost count of the number of items I've bought from then over the last five years or so. They're always very competitive on price, and at the moment they're offering free delivery on orders over 19.00. You can quite often get the stuff delivered next day, so it's almost as quick as going down the shops, and so much less hassle. I seldom buy books anywhere else these days, and I've also used them for CDs, DVDs, memory cards, computer games - you name it.
This one was a brilliant find! They give you cash rebates for online shopping with a variety of well-know brands. So far I've been getting cash-back on purchases I would have made anyway eg from WHSmith (4%), Tesco (1%), Argos (2%), Boden (4%) and the Early Learning Centre (2%). You can download a cookie that detects when you visit an affiliated site, so you don't have to worry about missing out. Well worth a try :-)
Dell should need no introduction, of course, being pretty much top of the heap when it comes to PC's. My main area of interest is laptops, and I reckon they can't be beaten. Performance is usually blistering, but to me the biggest selling point is the screen - they're one of the few that can support 1600x1200 res, with high contrast and wide viewing angle.
Dell Outlet offers great prices on refurbished PC's and laptops. They disassemble and rebuild returned systems to original factory specifications, and put them through a rigorous testing program to ensure quality. Apparently they even use brand new boxes for packaging! The resulting systems include the same limited warranty as new systems, so you pretty much get the same deal at a much lower cost.